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Cigarettes Sucking back the air, try not to breathe out | make the one mistake you tried to leave out | bite your tongue and keep your hands from shaking | remember not to blink | slowing down your pulse with every heartbeat | take another breath before you start this | this could be your chance, try not to ruin it | remember not to blink | And it’s over before you know, with a bitter taste that lingers on your tongue | you’re sober in a single flash | too many cigarettes | This could be the moment that you dreamt ofthe desperate and half-hearted attempt of someone who has always hesitated | remember not to blink every word you say could be your last one | every joke you make could be your best one | straighten up and show them what you’re made of | remember not to blink | From nervous breakdowns to angry shakedowns, it keeps adding up inside your chest | inhale your sorrows, burn all tomorrows | you know it all comes down to this | too many cigarettes.

You Twist, I Turn You’re caught in a blackout | in the one place where you felt safe | you’re starting to shut down | on this shortest of all days | do you feel secure in the picture-frame that you built around your heart? | and you can’t get up, but you can’t calm down, and it’s tearing you apart | and you feel it burn | You look for a flashlight | your hands just fumble on the ground | your heart’s in a race now | with the sun that’s going down | so you made a wish and now you wish that you could simply take it back | and your eyes are closed, and you’re overdosed while you’re awaiting the attack | and you feel it burn | And you say that it all depends | but you know that in the end | You twist, I turn | You’re already gone now | is there something I can do? | just tell me what’s wrong now | is there any cure for you? | because you’re upside down and the only sound that you ever seemed to know | is a single sigh, your temporary high turned into an all-time low | and you feel it burn | Don’t hold back your anger | just hold on and let it go | You can’t stay hurt forever | you can’t stay here, just let it go | And you say you can change that, you’ll change that | but the spark inside your eyes is gone, it’s gone.

Echoes The echo rings through empty hallways | silent monuments of loss | and this absence of life and light has turned us into our own ghosts | This is how we spend our nights and our daytime | keeping everything we are on the inside | it’s overwhelming, but the drugs are overrated | all in all, we’re echoes | All colors filtered out by worries | problems we created | we’re high on our own fears | in lack of substance | we’re tranquillized | Last night I followed a ghost to the city | I followed a voice that I thought I knew | I heard it on a wind from the distance | I heard it in the rain and the church bells too | I saw it in the flickering streetlights | I found it in a window as a fading reflection.

Conformity Calls Are you happy with your life the way it is? | you once said the suit and tie would never change you | so your wife just quit her job to raise the kids | is that all you ever dreamed of? | and you pause | and you wonder | but through it all conformity calls | This is your last chance | will you answer? | will you take your time and find out who you want to be? | this is your last chance | to refuse to be drawn into this machine | to escape the wheels that you’ve been caught between | Do you keep telling yourself you didn’t bend | while you work in your spare time to get promoted? | is there anyone that you could call a friend? | do you find the time to see them?

A Scratch In Your Surface So here’s to family and friends you left behind | we’ll stage a perfect re-enactment of your crimes | and you can’t stand it, though you would never let us know | but your smile is failing, and your eyes begin to show that we’ve hit a nerve | Is it hard to make believe when your heart’s not in it? | we’re so easily deceived, but hold on a minute | something’s missing from this scene someone’s hanging in between | there’s a scratch in your surface | You’re great at pointing out the mess that others make | but now you’re face to face with each single mistake you made yourself | and you swallow all your pride | and you’re letting go of everything you’ve kept inside for all these years | I can’t give you absolution | you want forgiveness, forgive yourself | there’s just one suitable solution | blame yourself instead of everybody else.

Burnout Syndrome There’s nothing left to say | it’s all been said by someone else before | I feel ecstatic and sick at once | And god, I feel so bored | and I can’t help it | no I can’t help it | I’m burning out for sure | This fever burns me up and eats away the words I’m searching for | it’s devastating, I’m paralysed | And god, I feel so bored | and I can’t help it | no I can’t help it | I can’t think anymore | I can’t think clear | I’m burning out.

Alternate Endings So the lights fade | the audience is cheering, they can’t wait to see this weeks before our release date | and tell us what they loved and just what they hate | and our work of art | served on a golden plate to be torn apart by people who know nothing about this craft | and all we do is file through debris they left | And they cut me out to be replaced by someone with a cuter face| and she quite enjoyed the work he did, though none of it was in the script | Lost on the cutting room floor | pick me up and take me home | And the titles flash | she’s looking down and lighting a cigarette | first thing I saw her doing the day we met | we fell in love just while we were shooting that | but not a single scene I did will be seen up on the silver screen | the audience just couldn’t relate to me | they say they didn’t see any chemistry.

Combat Oh no, this is combat on a whole new level | a last dance with weapons drawn | oh no, this is pointless | you can’t beat the devil | this is a war that can’t be won | Oh no, this is combat on a whole new level | prepare to take me down | you’re charging, guns blazing | oh no, it’s a mystery we can’t unravel | how did it come to this? | and on and on, the queen defeats the pawn | Here’s where we bleed to feel as one | in our defeat we come undone | if only reason had a say in this | then you wouldn’t have to make things worse for us | And now my ammunition’s gone | We hit, we run, we kill, we stun | we’re stuck in this together now | we push, we shove, we hate, we love | we’re stuck in this together now | we bend, we break, we lie, we fake | we’re stuck in this together now | we win, we lose, we stab, we bruise | we’re stuck in this together now.

Houdini This trick won’t work here | everything’s worse here | everything’s different | I’m all out of air | I can’t breathe | I can’t scream | this panic’s not part of the show | someone get me out of here | And then you’re throwing the keys away | the handcuffs and the chains I wanted to wear for you won’t open up again This trick won’t work | this trick won’t work | this trick won’t work here | everything’s different from what I rehearsed | I think I just made it worse | there’s water filling up my lungs | someone get me out of here How could it come to this? | I stretched my luck, I stretched my luck | a sealed fate and a Judas kiss | I stretched my luck, I stretched my luck | And then you’re turning your back on me | it’s hard to understand I did this all for you | I won’t do it again.

The Vanishing So she’s taken a picture for every single day | just to prove she was there | because no one seemed to notice | and she’s put them in neat little frames | and she’s cut herself out, but they still look the same | and she swears you wouldn’t see the difference | now she’s probably right | So he thinks to himself: “If I’m invisible, I can go anywhere, without being detected” | he’s become more translucent with every time they looked right through him while he tried to catch their eyes | and he feels like he’s infected | what a fatal disease | And if this is all there is, there is nothing left to say | and they won’t even be missed | and they won’t be asked to stay | because we don’t bother | they’ll stay caught up in their fears | like all the others, they will slowly disappear | and go unnoticed | while the circle never ends | and everyone’s relieved that they don’t have to be like them | we’d like to think it’s their own fault | they didn’t fit in, like that’s all | they could have crawled out of their shells to be like everybody else | We close our eyes until they’re gone | and so the vanishing goes on.

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