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The Story So Far Are we bound to go down with a pilot gone | shake hands, great plans can't work for everyone | so we just talk a lot but don't change anything | we've been there, done that | lights out, fade out | now these emotions sound so well rehearsed | and it's good to know I sounded even worse then | We could take all of these empty promises | turn them into something worth repeating | or we could go on, sing pathetic love songs | it's the one thing we do best | Will we crash the plane if we don't take this turn | will it light our fuse when all the engines burn | should we just take our seats and wait for someone to step in say: "Calm down, I'll get us down" | will we take a leap or will we stay the same | and is it safe to say I never liked the name | Go on, go on, keep repeating all of these stupid lines over and over again.

Last Worst Mistake Make being smart look fake | make sense for heaven's sake | make this the last worst mistake you'll ever make | Unlearn, unwind, undo | this time it's up to you | make it the last worst mistake you'll ever make | You'll never learn | You'll never | You'll never learn | not ever | You'll never learn, you'll never think it through | or get the clue | And I never thought that I would say this | but your troubled ways are wearing me out | You're making it all sound so complicated | When there's nothing to complain about | There is a part in you that never quits | it takes a chance and makes the worst of it | you are CIA and terrorist | you are puppet and ventriloquist.

Choices Choices All these chances pass by in the blink of an eye | all these choices, choices | you can't get it all right | but you can say you tried just as hard as you could to make the right ones | still all these accidents always strike at will | you can never be sure of what life holds in store for you | Seconds ago, who could have known | laughing hysterically at something you had said to me | slipped and let go, it struck with a blow | hitting the ground as our life's turned around | just one second ago | It's too late to decide, our decisions collide | it's out of our hands now | don't breathe hard, stay inside | true, the fuel might ignite | but can you make it out with a broken backbone | this was a choice you made, a simple hit-or-miss | you can never be sure | And planes go down, and circuits fail | and love is found while trains derail | you can't let this drag you down again.

Your Favorite Memory You say you've seen it all | the tragedy, the rise and fall | the friends who care but never call | and those who never cared at all | like the girl with chestnut hair who made it out and left you there | with that desolate feeling of not going anywhere | And you say: "It shouldn't have to be this way | when we could watch all these constants come undone | get the girl, save the world and run." | This is life with all the brakes on | this is life the hard way | so hold on tightly | this is something we can't run from | this is life the hard way | so hold on to the comfort and the certainty of your favorite memory | So you've been bitter since the princess found a better prince | and crushed the little confidence you used to have before | and the feeling drags you down | while this pathetic little town keeps getting smaller | as you hate it even more.

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